Cead Mile Failte! Welcome!

The Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft e.V. in Bonn is a society of people with the mutual goal

to promote contacts between Irish and German in a European context.


To impart

the knowledge about

  • Irish culture
  • History and
  • Society

beyond the stereotype of folklore and pubculture and to give insights to current developments of the modern Ireland.

It is political neutral but not apolitical.

The latests news about a vaccine against the Clovis-19 virus make us cautiously optimistic that we are gradually able, from the beginning of 2021 on,  come back with our society to a normal life. With meetings and events. So the photo exhibition “J.M. Synge” will be the highlight of the 1. half year of 2021 . The details thereto we will make public here on our homepage, the GIC platform and by E-Mail latest in the middle of April 2021.

Now here (under reserve) the event calendar  for the 1. half year of 2021:

(Effective 03.12. 2020)

Announcement of the Launch of the GIC Hub

Dia daoibh and Hello dear community member,

 It is a pleasure to inform you of a new German Irish community platform, the GIC Hub.

The platform is an initiative of the German Irish Council (GIC), an umbrella group formed under the patronage of the Irish Ambassador to Germany H.E. Nicholas O’Brien, as an advisory and support body for all German Irish societies, Clubs, Networks & Organisations active throughout the Bundesländer.

Aligned with the objectives of Ireland Diaspora Policy, our role is to foster greater collaboration within our community by facilitating the exchange of information, the promotion of events and to support the endeavours of existing and new groups.

The GIC Hub is the online home of the Council. It has been conceived as a single source of information on our community groups and its launch is an important development in bringing us together in one place

It comprises a central news feed where community groups are invited to share information on initiatives and events, a comprehensive directory with links to their homepages and/or social media sites & a complementary bundle of online courses to explore and broaden outlook.

All members of the German Irish community and those with an affinity to Ireland are encouraged to enrol by way of this Enrolment Link https://bit.ly/2ZzNxI1 and to choose a personal password for hub access via the Login Link https://bit.ly/32moOtN

The platform and courses are provided courtesy of Olive Group who will maintain the site, the directory of community groups, and add to the course offering in the course of time. We would be grateful if you could enrol and review the directory on the GIC Hub and advise of any inclusions that you may wish regarding the link(s) to your website or social media sites.

It is our wish to provide administrator rights to nominated persons within each club/group to enable them to post to the platform’s news feed. In this respect could we request you to nominate two representatives of your group and we will provide them with administrator status once enrolled.

This launch of the GIC Hub will be announced in the next edition of The Irish Embassy’s “Das Irische Monatsbuch”. As the platform is already live, could we also request you to inform your members via your internal communication channels and/or your web/social media sites. A brief message would suffice encouraging them to enrol on the platform via the enrolment link https://bit.ly/2ZzNxI1 . I have taken the opportunity to attach a German & English banner that you may choose to accompany text.

I thank you for your consideration of the above. The German Irish Council looks forward to uniting all community groups on the GIC Hub and to supporting your endeavours in whatever way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email should you require further information in respect to this.

I look forward to your response.

Slán und best regards

Yours sincerely

Peter Dietsch (Member GIC Board)

President Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft e.V.

E-Mail: dietsch@deirge-bonn.de

The German Irish Council

Newsletter 2020

Like every year in our Newsletter, we have in our Newsletter 2020, too, an interesting review on the activities in 2019 and an exciting lookout on our year of events 2020. With the highlight of the great project around the irish playwright John Millington Synge in May.

Newsletter 2020:  click here

The corona pandemic has left behind skid marks, too in the club life of our society. So all events in March, April and May had to be cancelled. And too the planned excursion to UNO City of Bonn at the beginning of September had to be scrubbed.

As a little substitution a “Water-level report Corona Ireland and more” (“Wasserstandsmeldung Corona Irland und mehr”)  was send out and will be send out at least up to September while this time. With the latest Corona-data and other interesting news from Ireland

The sending out of  the “Water-level report Corona Ireland and more” (“Wasserstandsmeldung Corona Irland und mehr”) was restarted will be continued.

In teh year 2021 we want to dare a new start with our events, fitted with the modified framework conditions.

In future, we will let go our events not only as events of presence but provide too to those, who are interested in, an opportunity to follow our events by video meeting. The board has decided to use for this purpose the application “Zoom”. Therefore in the invitation, that will be send out  by post or by E-Mail, like heretofore, will be named a Link, amongst that the joining to such a meeting can take place..

Therefore the user must not apply an own account at “Zoom”, but has only to download the program at the first joining. Than it all runs as described in the short instruction below. If there is already a “Zoom account” as part of the Corona restrictions, this account can certainly be used here too.

The exact data of the particular meeting i.a. Meeting-Id and if any Meeting-Password will be given in an special inviting mail.

Here is the short instruction for joining:

Short instruction: Joining/Beitreten

  1. If not happend so far please first install “Zoom” by the following Link: https://zoom.us/download.
  2. Than please register or click “Am Meeting teilnehmen”
  3. After that click on “Beitreten”
  4. Than put in the Meeting-ID you have got from the  Host (Host is the inviter – in our case it is the president)  and click on “Beitreten“.
  5. Now you have to put in the Meeting password. Than click on “Dem Meeting beitreten” and the connection will  be started.

But there is still to swallow a pill in our club life: From Januar 2021 on the representative rooms of the Oxford Club Bonn are no longer available for our events. 

But the board has found an alternative location nearby the old one. The board has presented it at the members annual general assembly in September, 17th. It is the house of Evangelischer  Verwaltungsverband in Bonn,
Adenauerallee 37, 53113 Bonn.