2nd February 2019; Award ceremony of the Photo Competition „Impressions of Ireland“ on 2nd of February 2019

The event  was a great success. The award celebration on occassion of the photocompetition „Impressions of Ireland“, held from the midth of october up to the end of november, under the patronage of Ashok Shridaran, Major Burgomaster of the city of Bonn, and also the subsequent presentation of the movie „The coasts of Ireland — The North“ filled the rows of chairs without any problem.

The award ceremony was celebrated by Angela Kennedy, Consul of the Embassy of Ireland, and Gabriele Klingmüller, Major of the city of Bonn. For more click here

A presentation of all send in photos you can find here.


All together

From left to right: Gabriele Klingmüller, Gisbert Hemprich, Tanja Bierbaum, Ulrich Hoyer, Angela Kennedy

Below: President Peter Dietsch

Photo: Stefan Odenthal


17th March 2019; St. Patrick’s Day Feast 2019

In this year too, we have celebrated our traditional St. Patrick’s Day Feast in the rooms of the Oxford Club Bonn. And as always the atmosphere was relaxed and soaked with many fun and conversations. Not only members of the society were on site but guest, too. Some of these decided spontaneously to become members. The cake buffet has been plundered in an astonishing way.

Photo: Peter Dietsch

But the highlight of the feast was the musical performance of the „Reel Talents“, a folk band of pupils of the Ludwig-van-Beethoven-Musikschule Bonn under the direction of Sabrina Palm. What Sabrina Palm performed with her children, from 10 up to 16 years old, was impressive. The young ensemble brought songs and instrumentals to the auditory, not only from Ireland, but from Scotland, too. Sometimes cheerful, sometimes melancholic, the „Reel Talents“ made the  auditory so much excited


12th June 2019. Photo exhibition „The Children from Operation Shamrock“
Opening Wednesday 12th June, at 6 p.m.
Location: Foyer of the Townhall of Bonn (beside the information desk)
Duration: Wed 12th June to Tue 25. June 2019, at the business hours of the Townhall
The exhibition in the townhall illuminates „Operation Shamrock“, a widely unknown project of Irish humanitarian help for German children in the aftermath of WWII. At the opening there were some special guests present.
The exhibition can be seen on the initiative of Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft (DEIRGE) Bonn, in association with the city of Bonn.
„Operation Shamrock“ is a little-known testimony to human sympathy and humanity“, said Peter Dietsch, president of DEIRGE at the opening.
Very special guests who talked about their experiences were Herbert Remmel and Hans Peter Boden, two of the children participating in the programme and contemporary witnesses of the event.
Herbert Remmel has even written an account of the time spent as a child in Ireland, published under the title „Von Köln nach Ballinlough“, which is not only informative and entertaining, but also very moving.
The book can be ordered from DEIRGE Bonn (DEIRGE Bonn then transfers the order to the author) at the price of € 10,00 plus € 3,95 postage.
To the article from Generalanzeiger Bonn, 14.06.2019; click here

Photo: Christoph Meurer

From left to right: Herbert Remmel, child from the Operation Shamrock; Reinhard Limbach, Mayor of the City of Bonn, Monica Brandis, Initiator of the exhibition Hans Werner Boden, child of the Operation Shamrock; Peter Dietsch, President DEIRGE Bonn; Elmar Conrads Hassel, DIJWV; Angela Kennedy, Consul of the Irish embassy

For more information about Operation Shamrock 

from Monica Brandis:  click here 

from Ralf Sotschek: click here

Short video of the exhibition in Munich at 17.03.2017 from muenchen tv : click here 


15th June 2019; The Ambassador’s Talk

The outgoing Irish ambassador, His Excellency Michael Collins


The outgoing Irish ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Michael Collins, says goodbye to the Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft e.V. in Bonn, its members and friends. He will talk about his time as an Irish Ambassador to Germany fand comment on current political events, especially in Europe, (European elections,Brexit), and give the Irish perspective.

His interview with Generalanzeiger Bonn is only available at the german version.