In future, we will let go our events not only as events of presence but provide it too to those, who are interested in an opportunity to follow our events by video meeting. For this purpose the board has decided to use  the application „Zoom“. Therefore in the invitation, that will be send out  by post or by E-Mail, like heretofore, will be named a Link, amongst that the joining to such a meeting can take place..

Therefore the user must not apply an own account at „Zoom“, but has only to download the program at the first joining. Than it all runs as described in the short instruction below. If there is already a „Zoom account“ as part of the Corona restrictions, this account can certainly be used here too.

The exact data of the particular meeting i.a. Meeting-Id and if any Meeting-Password will be given in an special inviting mail.

Here is the short instruction for joining:

Short instruction: Joining/Beitreten

  1. If not happend so far please first install „Zoom“ by the following Link:
  2. Than please register or click „Am Meeting teilnehmen“
  3. After that click on „Beitreten“
  4. Than put in the Meeting-ID you have got from the  Host (Host is the inviter – in our case it is the president)  and click on „Beitreten„.
  5. Now you have to put in the Meeting password. Than click on „Dem Meeting beitreten“ and the connection will  be started. 


Our next event:


1. Odinary Members Annual General Assembly

Time: Sunday, 20. September 2020, 02:00 p.m.

Location: Oxford Club, Adenauerallee 7, 53111 Bonn

1. Opening by the President, declaration of the proper summoning and the presence of a quorum. Requests

2. Appointment of a recorder and the assambly’s leader

3. Statement of accounts and preview report by the President

4. Cash report

5. Report of the auditors

6. Budget discharge of the Board to TOP 3 -Top 5 

7. New election of the Board 

8. Treatment of the introduced requests 

9. Miscellaneous

Only registered members are allowed to participate the members general assembly. These members only are eligible to vote. If someone is hindered to come personally they are allowed to be substituted. For this substitution a written mandate by the person, who is substituted, is necessary. A participation by video conference is possible and allowed. According §14 of the constitution every registered member is allowed to bring forward a motion, written at every time, at the members general assembly written or oral 

With the invitation to the AGA a Link for the Video-Onlinemeeting will be send out.

If the pandemic restrictions will allow: a subsequent staying together with coffee/tea and cake and with folkmusic by Nico & Alexander 


The updated event calendar for 2020

(Effective: 15.06.2020)

To view click here: Veranstaltungen 2020 PDF