Once again we were to optimistic with our event planning for the 1. half year 2021. And so were were forced to cancel all the planned events for this 1. half year. But we are optimists and we hold our ground.

Therefore we have forced an event planning for the 2. half year 2021, hoping that it may be possible to commence gradually the culture life (and so ,too, our club life) from July on.

We have composed a wide-ranging offer of events. With lectures about the newest Irish history, the change of social life on the island since 2000, the economic development between the Republic of Ireland and Germany, the post-Brexit time and also a lecture about the newest literary developments in women literature in Ireland.

But the highlight and concurrently the backbone of the 2. half year event planning cycle will be the exhibition of photographs of the playwright John Millington Synge. This photographs, that he made in the beginning of the 20th century, give a view to the life an being of the ordinary people in the Wicklow mountains and in the western parts of Ireland, the Aran Islands and around Galway. This exhibition will be presented from Friday, 3. September, up to Sunday, 28. November 2021. Hereto we organize an opening event on Friday, 3. September. There will be told something about the work and life  of J.M. Synge and also lectures from his works and a guidance through the exhibition. The irish ambassador to Germany, S. E. Nicholas O´Brien, has promised his coming. The large-sized photographs will be presented in the foyer of the Haus des evangelischen Verwaltungsverbandes in Bonn (evb), at Adenauerallee 37, close to the Library of the University of Bonn. It we be viewed to the office opening times, Monday to Thursday, 09:00 – 16:00, Friday from 09:00 -13:00. A guidance for groups from 10 persons on can be arranged by special enrollment. Details later. At beginning/end of November there will be arranged additionally four events, accompanying themed with the exhibition (two lectures, two movies).

From this year all our events take place in the evb. Only the event, that we are execute together with our friends from the Partnerverein Köln-Cork will take place in Cologne. This will be, of sure, the event that will be  moat likely endangered by corona restrictions, because it is planned for the 15. July..

Espacially we are pleased of acquiring again some prestigious referents.

Of sure there ist are one or two events (maybe all of them) are as interesting for you, that you want tol visit them. Don’t hold back. All of them, who want to come, are welcomed and are invited in this way.

Now here  the event calendar  for the 2. half year of 2021:



In the future, in an announced individual case, we will let go our events not only as events of presence but provide too to those, who are interested in, an opportunity to follow our events by video meeting. The board has decided to use for this purpose the application „Zoom“. Therefore in the invitation, that will be send out  by post or by E-Mail, like heretofore, will be given an E-mail address, where you can enroll to such a meeting. The enrolled people than will get, with a separate mail, the exact datas of account for the particular meeting, like Meeting-ID and maybe Meeting-Password..

The user must not apply an own account at „Zoom“, but has only to download the program at the first joining. Than it all runs as described in the short instruction below. If there is already a „Zoom account“ as part of the Corona restrictions, this account can certainly be used here too.

Here is the short instruction for joining:

Short instruction: Joining/Beitreten

  1. If not happend so far please first install „Zoom“ by the following Link:
  2. Than please register or click „Am Meeting teilnehmen“
  3. After that click on „Beitreten“
  4. Than put in the Meeting-ID you have got from the  Host (Host is the inviter – in our case it is the president)  and click on „Beitreten„.
  5. Now you have to put in the Meeting password. Than click on „Dem Meeting beitreten“ and the connection will  be started.