Seamus Heaney – Life and Work of the irish winner of the Noble-Prize in Literature

Time: Saturday, 25th of May 2019, 6 p.m.

Location: Oxford-Club, Adenauerallee 7, 53111 Bonn

Dr. Marion Gymnich is Professor for english literature and culture at the Institute for Anglistic, Americanistic and Celtic Studies of the University of Bonn; since 2013 she is member of the University Council of the University of Bonn.

Seamus Heaney, who died in 2013, counts to the international most famous irish writes. The lecture gives an insight to the author’s life. In 1939 he was born on a farm near Castledawson, County Derry, in Northern-Ireland, as the oldest of nine children. Because of his poems he became famous internationally in the 1960th. In 1972 he moved to Dublin and in 1995 he won, as the fourth irish poet and writer, the Noble Prize for Literature. His poems grappled with Ireland in the past and in the present in a manifold way. While his early poems seem to be shaped of Heaney’s experiences of the rural Ireland in his childhood, the later poems dealt with the irish history and pre-history. But Heaney took position, too, to the political conflicts in Ireland, in his own language of poetry, again and again. Of these topics and the special „Irishness“ of Heaney the lecture want to give a first impression.


Pre-information to the

Photoexhibition – The children of the „Operation Shamrock“

(with kind support by the Embassy of Ireland)

Opening: Wednesday, 12th of June 2019, 6:00 p.m.

Time: Wednesday, 12th of June 2019 – Tuesday. 25th of June 2019 (at the opening times of the Town Hall)

Location: Foyer of the Townhall of Bonn (beside the Information-desk) For more: click here

We are glad to announce the exhibition, „The children of the Operation Shamrock“ – a project of the journalist Monica Brandis assisted by the photographer Sidartha Corral and the graphic designer Frank Lietz. 

The exhibition shows 14 of the more than 400 children, that found refugee  in Ireland due to the „Operation Shamrock“ directly after WW II . A very closeness has arisen between the german children, most of them nowadays are more than 80 years old, and their irish guestfamilies and more than 50 children remained in Ireland.

The exhibition shows insights to this testimony of humanity and the german-irish friendship and points to a less known facet oft the german-irish relationship. 

We are glad that we are able to bring this exhibition to Bonn in 2019, with kind support by the Embassy of Ireland. Due to the current status this exhibition will be shown in Düsseldorf, too. There it will be supported by the Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft Düsseldorf e.V.

Monica Brandis will open the exhibition and 2 of the then-children will paint their own exposition of the experiences as time-witnesses and are available for questions hereto.