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The Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft e.V. in Bonn is a society of people with the mutual goal

to promote contacts between Irish and German in a European context.


To impart

the knowledge about

  • Irish culture
  • History and
  • Society

beyond the stereotype of folklore and pubculture and to give insights to current developments of the modern Ireland.

It is political neutral but not apolitical.

Calendars for 2020

Dear friends of Ireland,

We would like to present you our latest project: Our calendars for 2020 titled „Irische Impressionen“. They come in three formats, namely in A3, A4 and A5. We were allowed to choose freely from the photographs that were handed in for our photo competition earlier this year – what a range of exceptional pictures that was to work with! I would like to thank all photographers which kindly allowed us to use and publish their photographs – without your consent this project would not have been possible. And I thank Claudia Kottmann, a new member, for her work on the calendars. Between the two of us we managed to design the calendars within a relatively short time. We really hope you will like the result as much as we do…

Please have a sneak view on the look of the 3 calendar versions, enjoy lovely impressions of Ireland – and feel free to order a calendar for yourself or as a gift for someone special. 

Our next event  at  1st  December 2019 is 

Advent Coffee 2019

with a reading “Christmas Stories of Irish Poets“ presented by Stephan Schäfer accompanied by music of “Bonnie Fiddlers” and also a raffle of tickets for “Irische Weihnachten” at December 7, 2019 in Remagen.

Time: Saturday, December 1, 2019, 3 p.m.

Place: Hotel Residence, Bonn, Kaiserstraße

To be able booking rooms and hospitallity in the right way, please be so kind for announcing (by telephone 0171/3655958, by e-mail info@deirge-bonn.de or by letter P.O. Box 1412, 53004 Bonn (please announce additionally how many persons will come), latest November 29, 2019.

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15th June 2019; The Ambassador’s Talk

The outgoing Irish ambassador, His Excellency Michael Collins speaks

The outgoing Irish ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Michael Collins, says goodbye to the Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft e.V. in Bonn, its members and friends. He will talk about his time as an Irish Ambassador to Germany fand comment on current political events, especially in Europe, (European elections,Brexit), and give the Irish perspective.

His interview with Generalanzeiger Bonn is only available at the german version.

12th June 2019. Photo exhibition “The Children from Operation Shamrock”
Opening Wednesday 12th June, at 6 p.m.
Location: Foyer of the Townhall of Bonn (beside the information desk)
Duration: Wed 12th June to Tue 25th June 2019, at the business hours of the Townhall
The exhibition in the townhall illuminates “Operation Shamrock”, a widely unknown project of Irish humanitarian help for German children in the aftermath of WWII. At the opening there were some special guests present.
The exhibition can be seen on the initiative of Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft (DEIRGE) Bonn, in association with the city of Bonn.
“Operation Shamrock” is a little-known testimony to human sympathy and humanity”, said Peter Dietsch, president of DEIRGE at the opening.
Very special guests who talked about their experiences were Herbert Remmel and Hans Peter Boden, two of the children participating in the programme and contemporary witnesses of the event.
Herbert Remmel has even written an account of the time spent as a child in Ireland, published under the title “Von Köln nach Ballinlough”, which is not only informative and entertaining, but also very moving.
The book can be ordered from DEIRGE Bonn (DEIRGE Bonn then transfers the order to the author) at the price of € 10,00 plus € 3,95 postage.
To the article from Generalanzeiger Bonn, 14.06.2019; click here

Photo: Christoph Meurer

From left to right: Herbert Remmel, child from the Operation Shamrock; Reinhard Limbach, Mayor of the City of Bonn, Monica Brandis, Initiator of the exhibition Hans Werner Boden, child of the Operation Shamrock; Peter Dietsch, President DEIRGE Bonn; Elmar Conrads Hassel, DIJWV; Angela Kennedy, Consul of the Irish embassy

For more information about Operation Shamrock 

from Monica Brandis:  click here 

from Ralf Sotschek: click here

Short video of the exhibition in Munich at 17.03.2017 from muenchen tv : click here